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Euro Car Club NZ is a group for European Car Enthusiasts around New Zealand.
We regularly hold events, meet ups, cruises and track days around the North Island, with divisions of ECC NZ holding events in the South Island.

Euro Car Club NZ came alive in the beginning of 2014, when a group of friends and family got tired of the under appreciation of European Branded cars at ‘JDM’ dominated meet ups and events, and so moved forward to create a Facebook Group for other enthusiasts to join up and have people of the same understanding for these wonderfully designed machines.

In June 2014, we held our first photography meet in Penrose, which got a great turnout of cars and people for professional shots of their much loved cars.
In just under 6 months, the ECC Facebook group grew to over 800 members, and so another meet was planned in Takapuna Auckland, gaining over 50 cars, and then a cruise to a charity event, where for the first time in Auckland, European Cars dominated over the JDM/American Market. After the great success of this meet up, ECC NZ Founders and Sponsors got together for their first small ‘event’ which saw over 130 cars, from BMW’s, Mercs, VW, Audi, De Temaso’s, Porsche and so many other fantastic brands, rock up for a good day.

Euro Car Club NZ is growing in such a fantastic way, that in October 2014 we opened up a forum base for the growing numbers of members.

Keep tuned for the next events, and to follow the progress of ECC NZ!


– Amber-Leigh Erasmus, Founder