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The End of an Era – BMW E92 M3

E92 M3

There is something special about viewing a car in factory form and expecting nothing more from it. The BMW E92 M3 would arguably be exactly that. A refined performance car that can provide absolute pleasure right from the ‘get go’. The stock S65B40 V8 Engine delivers 414bhp and this makes the E92 M3 an interesting…

The Lethal Lotus – 860kg of Pure Insanity


The Lotus Elise. It’s a simple, yet sophisticated car. Elegant in design, snappy in performance, with a lightweight body that creates the ultimate driving pleasure while keeping those kilowatt numbers down. In conclusion it’s almost like your childhood go cart – but with a hell of a kick. With a stock NA Engine from Toyota…

The Beast of Elegance – Meet 8M3


  The Beast of Elegance. Meet 8M3. It’s everything an E46 M3 ought to be – except it holds the bigger, brutal older sister engine – the S62. The heart of this car involves a 5L V8 packing out 394HP (294KW). Matched with the linking driveline and suspension components of the E39 M5, this car…